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A Building with a Purpose

You will encounter a balance of thin materials and optimal energy systems within our new solar home. Our home will even enter the market for zero-energy residential buildings, offering you an opportunity to experience its aesthetic and economic comforts 365 days a year.

We plan to offer you the following amenities within our house:

  • A four-season atrium roof that will capture heat from sunlight for keeping you warm during the winter and open to provide the refreshing cross-ventilation you need during the summer;
  • A set of light but strong composite materials that will allow you to fully experience the open structure and atmosphere of the house;
  • Floor-to-ceiling glass windows that will cover more than 60% of the building's wall area and will provide you a sense of openness and a substantial source of solar heat gain;
  • Phase-change materials (PCMs) integrated into a lightweight, concrete tile floor that will store and release the heat you use;
  • Low-energy utilities, including several Energy Star-compliant appliances, for your everyday household tasks.

With these features, we hope to offer you a high-quality living space that features a combination of comfort for you and care for our environment.