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An Energy Efficiency Contest

You will find our solar house featured in the Solar Decathlon China 2013 contest. This contest represents an opportunity for us and our schools to design, develop, and display a residential building that runs exclusively on solar energy for you to experience and enjoy. This contest will challenge us to construct a house that will provide both thermal comfort for you and low energy use for the environment.

This competition has taken place approximately every other year since 2002, but you can attend the first such contest to take place in China during August 2013. The U. S. Department of Energy and the China National Energy Administration will co-host the contest.

During the competition, the contest organizers will judge our heliocentric house based on the following ten criteria:

  • Architecture
  • Market Appeal
  • Engineering
  • Communications
  • Solar Application
  • Comfort Zone
  • Hot Water
  • Appliances
  • Home Entertainment
  • Energy Balance

Now in its seventh installment, the Solar Decathlon provides not only a forum for us to apply our engineering, cultural, environmental, and communication skills, but it also allows you to better envision the features and comforts within your future solar home.